Written by Mike Volkin

Billions of people and companies are taking on tremendous shifts from their day-to-day routines due to the coronavirus. As a result, countless companies have downsized (or even worse, went out of business. Millions of people are now unemployed, and that figure is only growing. What a mess! However, amidst all this economic uncertainty lives opportunity. “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” Warren Buffett once stated. It is the ones with the entrepreneurial creativity who will thrive in times like these. Let’s look at how we can make the most out of a terrible situation. Continue reading

Last weekend I went to Podfest Expo, which is a podcasting multimedia expo, held every year since 2015 by Chris Krimitsos.  I have never been to a podcasting expo or any other expo besides that sex expo I went to a couple years ago.  Anyway, I am a content creator; I have two podcasts “The Oh Hell No Podcast” and “Side Talk” and I was selected to speak at Podfest, which is what made me attending this conference a reality. Continue reading

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