The Show & The Host

The Oh Hell No is a podcast where, the host, K. Nicole Bent interviews everyday people about finding their passion and purpose in life.  The most common theme in most people’s stories is when they are living in their purpose, the universe feeds their dream by helping it to grow and move forward in the most unique ways.

The name The “Oh Hell No” Podcast is a reminder that we will always have Oh Hell No moments in life, but those moments won’t stop us from getting to where we are going or where we are supposed to be.  We need to conquer these moments, learn from these moments and embrace them because it is all par for the course of life.

K. Nicole has worked in Legal, Compliance, Public Relations, and IT.  She has a M.A., in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology and feels like she has finally found her passion in what she is doing with this show.  Tune in, enjoy and let the show inspire you.

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