Episode 153: Meet Jasmine Paul and Discover Her Passion for Creative Financial Stewardship

May 26, 2020

On this episode Keisha Nicole sits down with Jasmine Paul who is the founder of CreateFinStew, a fin-tech startup transforming finances creatively.  After purchasing her first house at 23 and paying back $37,500 in student loans by the age of 24 and buying a rental property shortly thereafter, she realized her niche for creative financial wellness. Since 2014, she has served 38 clients and coached through the elimination of over $188,000 student loan/credit card debt.  Jasmine is the host of the Find & Sustain Podcast, where she aids listeners in finding the truth and sustaining purpose. Check out the Find and Sustain Podcast @findandsustain.  Jasmine also launched her first book, Set Your Truth Free: A TwentySomething’s Guide to Living a Truth-Filled Life and shares a special chapter about the dreaded ‘F-Word’: finances. Jasmine has traveled around the US and the world sharing her love of financial stewardship. To learn more visit www.createfinstew.com

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