Episode 230: Meet Conell and Rhonda Hollins and Discover Marriage Material Pre and Post Marital Training Guide

January 24, 2022

Conell & Rhonda Hollins are certified premarital counselors, Premarital and Post-marital instructors, Divorce preventionist, marriage officiants and marriage ministry leaders at Family Christian Center, the 13th largest church congregation in the nation. During their tenure as marriage ministry trainers, they have coached, mentored, and provided ministry counsel to over 1,800 couples from the United States to the United Kingdom through biblical principles and practical modern applications.

Conell and Rhonda Hollins are also both authors of their first book and companion workbook titled “Marriage Material: Pre & Post-Marital Training Guide, self-publishedby their company, Get Wordy Book Club & Publishing, where they use their ministry trainings, personal and ministry experiences to equip other couples through an 11-week training geared to leading couples towards having everlasting love in marriage. To learn more visit

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