Episode 234: Meet Hillary Mendes and Discover ROI TV

March 01, 2022

Hillary Mendes is a retail professional with almost 20 years experience, working her way up from the sales floor to the buying world. After listening to her husband, who works in wealth management, talk daily about financial health she realized she didn’t know as much about the world of money as she needed to. Hillary started talking to her friends and family about their understandings of personal finance, recognizing people across different industries were in a similar boat and that school didn’t prepare us for the economics of becoming an adult. The tipping point came when Hillary bought her first house and had to go through not only the purchase process but obtaining a mortgage as well. The nuances to the process felt daunting and like she was speaking a foreign language. This was when the lightbulb clicked and the idea of ROI TV was born to bring sound financial knowledge to the everyday person outside the finance industry. Her goal is to help more people learn more about the different facets of personal finance to live life on their own terms. Whether a beginner or soon to be expert, there should be something for everyone to increase their knowledge. You can start by downloading the ROI TV app on iOS, Android and streaming devices like ROKU, Firestick or Apple TV for free now.

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