Episode 236: Meet Dr. Candace Steele Flippin and Discover How To Get Your Career In Shape

March 16, 2022

Recognized as one of the most influential Black executives in corporate America by Savoy Magazine, Dr. Candace Steele Flippin is a global communications expert, multigenerational workplace scholar, TEDx speaker, and bestselling author. She is the publisher of WorkStats™ and author of Generation Z in the Workplace and Millennials in the Workplace.

Since 2016, Dr. Candace Steele Flippin has been an executive research fellow at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Her research focuses on accelerating the leadership development of women, Gen X, Gen Z, and millennials in the workplace.

Dr. Candace Steele Flippin, affectionately known as “Dr. Candace,” is a frequent speaker and thought leader who uses her unique background as a researcher and executive to provide practical career insights on the future of the multigenerational workplace. Her advice and research findings have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, CBS, The Network Journal, and

In her downtime, she collects works from emerging visual artists and enjoys traveling with her family. She and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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