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Episode 237: Meet The Founders of Black Watts Cycling Club and Discover The Benefits of A Cycling Club

March 23, 2022

Black Watts Cycling Club has three founders:

Chris Harvell is an entrepreneur who wears many hats. He co-founded Black Watts where he and his two partners focus on changing the cycling landscape to increase diversity and awareness of the health benefits.  Chris is also the CEO and co-founder of Dental Kidz and ZDM where he works on improving healthcare outcomes for children using statistical modeling of patient interactions, as well as various leadership and organizational management deep learning projects. Chris graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship.

Chad Bennett is a Strategic Talent Advisor who brings almost a decade of experience in the talent acquisition space with a focus on DE&I.   He’s the founder of CRTVE which focuses on engaging diverse talent, educating the masses on diversity, and creating people experiences for both corporate and agency clients. His skill set lies in full lifecycle recruiting, employer branding, recruitment strategy, and talent advisory.  Chad believes in the power of connecting brilliant individuals from all walks of life with dynamic brands to push the boundaries of the impossible.

Aquil Jannah is the third co-founder of Black Watts but he was unable to make the interview.

To learn more about Black Watts visit www.blackwattscc.com/about

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