Episode 39: Meet Kerri Walker The Fearless Dancer

December 11, 2017

On Episode 39 of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole interviews Kerri Walker, an exotic dancer who wrote the book Fearless! An Exotic Dancer’s Guide to Personal and Professional Success.  In the book Kerri talks about taking a job as a dancer in hopes of moving to France to live out her dream of learing to speak French fluently and becoming a permanent resident. Well, sometimes when things change we have to adjust our sails.  During the interview Nicole discovers that Kerri is still dancing and now doesn’t really want to move to France any more and she is still working on finding her passion and purpose. This is a great interview because Nicole had no idea that Kerri wasn’t on the same path as her book laid out but it is the reality of most of our worlds.  Things change and when they do we have to keep on living and figure it out.  Kerri talks about what changed for her, why it is hard for her to give up dancing, what she has learned that she needs more of and how she plans to give up dancing and find her true passion.  Kerri’s Book can be found on Amazon.  Don’t forget to subscribe to The Oh Hell No Podcast and check out

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