Episode 51: Meet Serial Entrepreneur Turned Author Joe Calderwood

February 03, 2018

Joe Calderwood
If you have ever wanted to know how entrepreneurs start multiple businesses…this is the episode for you to listen to today.  On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole talks to serial entrepreneur, Joe Calderwood who has had businesses in IT, Assisted Living, Accounting, Consulting, a Plant Nursery and the list goes on.  Joe talks about how he went from a risk-taking CPA to a serial entrepreneur, to his newest venture as an Author.  He also discusses the essential characteristics of any successful business person, what goes a long way with your customers, how to navigate mistakes in business, and how one major mistake helped him to be where he is today.  Joe gives great advice to anyone who is afraid of making that initial investment into starting a business and he talks about how he found out one of his passions was not something he could physically pursue.  This episode is filled with inspiration, great advice, and priceless information.  Joe shares his journey into becoming an Author, and how one day he would like to see his book Stained Fortune, which is a three-part book series, become a movie.  I have read the book, it is a great read pick up Joe’s book at Amazon and check him out on the gram @stainedfortune.

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