Episode 53: Meet Hansy Better Barraza & Discover Studio Luz

February 10, 2018



On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with Hansy Better Barraza, Licensed Architect, Entrepreneur, Professor, Author, mom and wife.  They discuss what led Hansy into the world of Architecture; What made her decide to open up her own studio, and her day-to- day with her hubby as her partner.  Hansy talks about how she balances all her roles and family life. She also tells us why she became a professor and what she wants her students to take from her course.  Hansy gives some great advice for anyone looking to remodel their home and she explains when an architect is actually needed for a project.  Hansy is very much passionate about giving back and she gave us the details on a project she worked on called The Big Hammock.  Where Are The Utopian Visionaries? is Hansy’s first book but not her last.  Nicole gets the details on how her first book came together and what her ideas are for her next book.  You can check out Hansy at

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