Episode 57: Meet Young Lion & Discover the DRB Podcast

March 01, 2018


On this week’s Bonus Episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast, Nicole had the pleasure of sitting down with her favorite DJ and fellow Podcaster DJ Young Lion. Young Lion has a podcast entitled Young Lion Presents DRB. Nicole was very excited to find out what led Young Lion to find his passion in playing music. Young Lion talked about growing up in the UK with his Jamaican parents and what the Jamaican Culture is like in various parts of the UK. Young Lion reveals another passion he has, and it involves saving lives. Nicole asks Young Lion about his carnival experience in the UK and outside of the UK. Young Lion talks about his biggest pet peeve when he is working on moving the crowd. Nicole and Young Lion share their thoughts on some recent events that took place in Jamaican and American pop culture, DJ groupies, and so much more. Stay up to date on all the latest Dancehall and Reggae by subscribing to Young Lion’s podcast. It is a must have.

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