Episode 60: Meet Seth Power & Discover A Soulful Singer Songwriter from Mississippi

March 18, 2018


Seth Power


On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with Seth Power, a Mississippi native, who shares how he thought he was headed for a career in sports when he realized, through life altering events, that he was meant to be on a different stage. Seth talks about how he trained his voice and continues to work on his vocal abilities as he wasn’t a natural born singer.  He shares how he stays grounded and what he hopes to maintain as he grows in the music industry.  Seth also has a passion for philanthropy, science, business and plans to pursue other things as he grows as an entertainer.  Seth shares what he is most proud of to date in his life and what he sacrifices the most to pursue his dream.  Seth also tells us about his Oh Hell No Moment, which was a moment that made him realize what he needed to be careful of in his career.  Check out Seth’s EP Magnolia Soul.  Seth is a star in the making and overall great person.

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