Episode 71: Meet Jamila Souffrant & Discover Journey to Launch

May 19, 2018

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole talks to personal financial expert and podcaster Jamila Souffrant about her personal journey to launching a top-rated podcast and business.  Jamila talks about how failing at other business ventures prepared her for where she is today with her business, and how what started out as a blog morphed into a podcast and a business that continues to open doors and platforms where she is able to grow and educate people on personal finances.  Jamila tells us how she is wisely investing in her business and what she likes to splurge on for fun at this stage in her life.  Jamila also shares how she plans on teaching her young children about saving, investing and giving.  Check out Jamila at www.journeytolaunch.com and follow her on Instagram @journeytolaunch.

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