Episode 73: Meet Teenpreneurs Hannah & Charlie Lucus & Discover The notOK App

June 03, 2018


Hannah & Charlie Lucas notOK App
On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with brother and sister, Hannah and Charlie Lucas who created the notOK app which is a digital panic button.  Hannah shares how after being diagnosis with POTS she felt depressed and terrified and these feelings lead to an idea that has taken her and Charlie on an amazing journey.  Charlie talks about how he was able to contribute to his sister’s idea and what he loves the most about the business that they run together.  Hannah & Charlie are still teens and they talk about their passions and what they love the most about being app creators and running a business.  Robin Lucas, their mom, shares a little on what the journey has been like for her from the POTS diagnosis to watching her children turn into full on entrepreneurs.  The family also shares their Oh Heck No moments.  You can find the notok App wherever apps are sold, and you can follow them on Instagram and twitter @notokapp.  Also, check out their website at www.notokapp.com.

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