Episode 76: Meet John Allcock and Discover Mindfulness

June 25, 2018


John Allcock

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with John Allcock to discuss his book Forty Things I Wish I told My Kids.  John is a trial attorney who discovered the art of mindfulness while going through a difficult time in his life.  Mindfulness is being able to pay attention to your present moment experience, both internal and external, without judgment so you are not captured by the experience and can view it objectively.  John shares how he studied the art of mindfulness and how he has implemented these teachings into Sea Change Prep, which is a school that he is a co-founder of.  John also talks about how many of us allow our mind state to be governed by external conditions and learning mindfulness will help to change that.  John describes how worrying about solving problems, we have no control over, will lead to an anxiety filled life.  John shares life challenges that he has faced professionally as an attorney, an entrepreneur and an Author.  Check out John’s prep school at  and check out his book Forty Things I Wish I Told My Kids.

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