Episode 81: Meet Piyush Patel & Learn how to Lead Your Tribe & Love Your Work

July 29, 2018


Piyush Patel


On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with Piyush Patel, Author and founder of Digital-Tutors. Piyush shares his amazing journey from Sixth Grade Teacher to Professor to Entrepreneur to Multi-millionaire.  Piyush talks about how he started a digital animation training company based on solving a problem and how it grew almost instantly.  Piyush tells us how he started his business with $54.00, grew his business debt free to $10 million and ultimately sold his business for $45 million cash. Piyush shares his struggles, why he sold his company and what inspired him to write his new book “Lead Your Tribe, Love Your Work.”  In this book Piyush shares great information for entrepreneurs who want a guide to creating a culture that matters. Piyush talks about how to spot a toxic workplace, how to have uncomfortable conversations in the workplace and what people are ultimately looking for in an employer and work culture.  Check out Piyush at

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