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Episode 65: Get To Know Vish Chatterji & Discover Head & Heart Insights

April 21, 2018

Vish Chatterji


On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with Vish Chatterji.  Vish has a company called Head & Heart Insights where he is a Professional Coach and provides Executive Coaching, Business Advising and Holistic Health Services.  Vish takes us on a journey through his life explaining how he followed his passion for engineering which led him all the way up the corporate ladder, only to find out that the ladder he climbed was up against the wrong wall.  Vish helps us to understand that although he was a shrewd and ruthless business man who, at the time achieved all his goals, that is not the only way to achieve success.  Through a chance meeting with Gurmukhi Kaur Khalsa, Vish explains how he started his journey to his true purpose.  Vish also teaches us a little about Ayurveda and how balancing your vata, pitta and kapha can help you live a more balanced life.  He also touches on the four essential and significant principles which are also aims of human life also known as Purusharthas which is Dharma (righteousness), Artha (prosperity), Kama (Pleasure/desire), and Moksha (Liberation).  This is an interesting episode filled with great information and the ups and downs of a top executive who turned his life all the way around to live a more purpose driven life.  Check out Vish’s Website at Head & Heart Insights.  This episode is brought to you by Michael Marra’s  upcoming event Startup and Entrepreneur Networking.  Follow ME on Instagram for details.

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