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George Khalife and Actress/Singer Christina Milian created a fine jewelry line, called ReMIXd, a line of 14k gold necklaces with words that can be mixed and matched to create an original and unique piece. Milian started wearing Khalife’s signature pieces in 2016. He then began designing original pieces for her and the pair quickly became friends. After going back and forth for months about collaborating the two finally made their own collection. This is just the beginning, as the duo plans to add and expand with future collections in the near future!  Check out the line here

From razors hidden apples to creepy clowns terrorizing neighborhoods, Halloween is the holiday full of creepy urban legends. PBS explores these bizarre tales in two episodes of their new digital series, Origin of Everything. These short-form video pieces are the perfect content to compliment the Halloween coverage on your site.

Poison Halloween Candy 
Every year around Halloween, we hear the same concern: you gotta check the candy for poison because strangers put laxatives in Tootsie Rolls, Razor Blades in Apples and heroine in Snickers. But is this trick or treat dilemma an actual reality or just a clever way for your parents to steal your candy? The truth is out there (and by out there we mean in the episode that you should definitely watch). 

Scary Clowns 
We all know that 1980s horror movies like IT and Killer Klowns from Outer Space led to the cultural phenomenon of “scary clown,” did you know the reality is much deeper than that? From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance to 19th Century England, clowns have always been around to bring a little chaos. And the truth is, up until the late 1800s they were NEVER for kids. So while Pennywise might be back in the terrifying new IT remake, the truth is terrifying killer clowns are nothing new. Which frankly is even scarier. 

Kris Jenner debuted a new look yesterday on Instagram and I am not sure if the blonde hair is real or not but what I do know is her boots are hot.  Red seems to be the trending color this season for boots, but lets face it, not everyone can afford to drop thousands of dollars on a pair of shoes.  If you want to stay on trend at an affordable price has got you covered. You can get the Delphine Bootie, which looks just like the boots that Mama Kris is wearing for $39.95.  What an amazing deal.

To shop this look click on the link

On September 16, 2017 I went to my first “pink” carpet event which was hosted by Ashley Stewart.  It was a star studded affair where Ashley Stewart was crowning their Miss Ashley Stewart contest winner for the State of New York at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn.  The event was hosted by Boris Kodjoe, Envogue performed and there were a whole host of other celebs in attendance.  I learned a lot at this event and I was even able to get a quick interview with Actress, Andrea-Rachel Parker, which lead to a full blown interview opportunity.  Check out my video below.

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