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Undesirable Elements: Generation NYZ

On Saturday I was invited to attend a show at The New 42nd Street Presents At The Duke On 42nd Street.  The show is a Ping Chong + Company production and it is called Undesirable Elements:  Generation NYZ.  Ping Chong is an internationally acclaimed artist and pioneer in the use of media in the theater.  Since 1972, as founder and artistic director of Ping Chong + Company, he has created over 100 productions which have presented at major theaters, festivals and museums worldwide.

Undesirable Elements: Generation NYZ is the 25th Anniversary production of Ping Chong + Company’s community-specific series of interview-based theater works.  To create this production, Ping Chong + Company artists reached out to a new generation of New Yorkers, age 18-22, to tell their own stories of growing up at this turbulent moment in time, as this new century begins to come of age.  The NYZ performers tell their real stories on stage.  They are not professional actors, but young New Yorkers, sharing their true stories.  They did  an amazing job telling their stories.

This show was absolutely intriguing.  I was captivated from the moment the show started.  This show really gives you a look at how some people have to live and the struggles that they have to overcome to pursue the life that they want.  This show is a good show to take your teens to as well; I think it will really make some young people appreciate what they have and realize that maybe their lives aren’t all that bad.  For more information about Ping Chong + Company, visit www.pingchong.org and follow the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @pingchongco.

Public Performances Dates and Times
The New 42nd Street Presents At The Duke On 42nd Street 

Friday, January 19, 7pm
Saturday, January 20, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, January 21, 12pm & 5pm

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